Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday the 13th

They make so many of these copy cat movies that the year 2009 is practically in the title. But in this one, atleast he can move. The stationary Jason, the days where he just walks around while his victims are in full sprint and he manages to corner them are over. He even kills someone in broad daylight with a bow and arrow. The Apache would be proud. Jason kills or maims another fleeing victim with an axe throw about 20 yards away. That was an impressive throw.

If there was a person like this or even two or more people going missing near this lake this entire area would be covered with dogs, helicopters, and search crews. Jason would be dug out, all of that equipment and tools would be taken away and sold.

This movie was not as good as the Holloween movie that arrived to theatres about 2 years ago. But even that movie was pushing the limits of human imagination.

This movie was like the previous twenty movies of this series, young people scewing each other and getting slashed in the process. The females were hot, fake chests or not, still gorgeous. They run around and it is never quite fast enough. One girl just allows herself to get hit by a boat that she can easily just avoid by swimming 4 feet to either side or swimming under it. Yes, it would be nerve racking but taking a speeding 1 ton boat to the head is not wise nor the correct option.

Jason is strong and big, he is a killer and a true predator but in reality he would be shot and hunted down after the first killing outbreak. No way there would ever be a second chance. Well, come to think about it, a Nanci Pilosi or the ACLU could release him on the basis of a technicality.

The movie had typical music, nothing worth mentioning was expected. Not one actor or actress is worth mentioning. Though a couple of the actresses are worth seeing again but none are that exquisite. The writing was regurgitated from the previous twenty scripts.

When the police officer was killed, not sure why they did not sneak out and drive away with his car. But I did not watch it that closely, I know they did save a girl that new some sort of secret regarding Jason, regarding his watch or some momento or picture. One two or three survived at the end but even after Jason is stabbed in the chest and his head is sliced up by a wood chipper, he still manages to jump from the water, knock out the pier with his might, and snatch one of them in broad daylight. The navy seals would find a spot for him for sure.

I allocate this movie 0 stars. I can not site one aspect that is good enough or merits a star.

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