Friday, December 26, 2008

Yes Man

Jim Carrey plays Carl Allen who is just a miserable wreck. He had a nasty divorce with a characterless and shallow woman, but who is highly attractive as well. This aspect of Carl's life is not shown but it is explained and insinuated.

This is not Carrey's best movie but I am glad to see him return to comedy full swing. Because 23 was a disaster any producer trying to make Jim Carrey as a tough guy is just fooling themselves and totally discrediting the movie. As they did in the movie 23.

How Carl maintains friendships is a mystery since he says no to them for years and they continue to call him up and see if he will hang out with them. They should move on, Carl is a loser who does not want to do any thing. Not only this, he lies about it and says he has other things to do. When in reality, is calendar is clear on every evening. So one of his friends takes him to this scientology like fake but inspiring motivational speaker to the faithless losers which exist. The scientologists and people of this ilk fall into this line and are easily persuaded since they have little moral ground or fabric. Carl is one of these people, weak, no religious background, so this makes him psychologically desperate and easily impressed.

Terence Stamp plays this charismatic guru to the suckers of America and runs on this theme of being a Yes Man. Stop saying no to the world, live life, have fun, try new things, and accept life's indulges. In some cases, this may work and one could have some fun. But anyone with a clue would know this not work and would most likely ruin one's life. But this is fiction and Carl who is swooned by Stamp's gure character, actually gets raises. Personally, his friends love him since he pays for their drinks and food, he also buys anything that he wants and wastes his time on strange websites. No one could function like this, it would always end terribly. But he is single and this being a movie, he actually keeps his job and is recognized for his seeminly sloppy and careless work, he is rewarded. Goofy but it is supposed to be.

Zooey Deschanel who is not really appealing plays Carl's love interest. She is not appealing, which only detracts from this movie. She gets upset at Carl because she finds out that he is on this goofy program where he feels compelled to say yes all of the time. So her asinine character leaves him because she does not know him. So why does she leave him? Will that get her to know him? The movie is flawed and has some holes here. I can understand she is upset that some of his yes's could have been influenced by this program, but what is needed here is a heart to heart discussion. Instead she runs off like a third grader and Carl who is basically a second grader in the movie, spends the rest of the movie chasing her.

This movie is not a Pineapple Express, not even close. It is nothing like Burn After Reading either. Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Jim Carry, all had their comedies this year and none were that spectacular nor memorable. Jim Carry's Dumb and Dumber is still the best comedy of my generation, I believe. Yes Man is not that good at all. The sex scene with the old woman, is disgusting. But I am sure people that could not understand this blog would enjoy it.

The music was decent. The best scene is when Jim Carry is singing that awesome song with a guitar to prevent him from committing suicide. I with society would not shut down roads to prevent someone from committing suicide but we strangely do. This case, no one was affected buy it, no money lost, nor time spent besides the fire department and police being called.

Carl allowing some bum to burn up his cell phone, drive him out to some home, and taking all of his money is funny. The Carl running out of gas and not having the cell phone capability to call for help is just hilarious. That was the funniest part to me. Carry taping his face and being goofy with his gay like co worker was entertaining as well.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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