Friday, December 12, 2008

An American Carol

David Zucker directed a hilarious comedy about the buffoon and anti-American director we know as Michael Moore. Kevin P. Farley plays him but his fictional name is Michael Malone. They rip on Moore's movie which portrayed Cuba's health care system as superior to ours. Anyone with a clue knows this is not true. Just because one can walk into a physical building that says hospital on the front does not mean their medical treatment will be of any quality. Treatment may be available but it certainly is not free like Moore portrayed it as such. One only has to sacrifice their freedom, any profits, any political voice, basically their soul.

This movie could be a four hour special. Michael Moore has been making anti American or anti business movies for 20 years. Roger and Me was a joke as a movie. Moore does not understand this is a global marketplace and Moore's favorite health care issue has made it simple feasible for US companies to move over seas for manufacturing and economic means. But this American Carol never went after it. They attacked Moore mainly on his anti war and military crusade.

Kelsey Grammer played General George S. Patton and he performed well. Chriss Anglin was John F. Kennedy and he questioned Moore's and his liberal allies on how they are dead set on Kennedy's philosophy on war and his defense of America comments in one of his famous speech.

Bill O'Reilly was funny and was had a small role in the movie. Zucker also ripped into Rosie O' Donnell which he can make a movie about her as well. Another Hollywood disgrace with ample material to highlight in a movie.

Dennis Hopper played a gun toting judge. The ACLU was fair game in this movie as well. They should be, their policies protect terrorists and child molestors alike. They do not care about the victims. The ACLU is anti-American and anyone in their right mind knows this.

Even our first president makes an appearance and Jon Voight handles this role nicely. Voight, who I never knew existed since Mission Impossible was made, is a fine and remarkable actor. I am sure he had fun participating in this movie. Some of these famous actors probably offered their services for free since I know many true Americans are just sick of Hollywood, Michael Moore, and Alec Baldwin's anti-American crusade. Obama winning though has probably emboldened them in some way but this movie does offer a venting for many of us true and proud Americans.

The movie is sort of short though. I am not a feminist by a long shot but this movie did not have any famous female actresse(s) to highlight a well known historic female who was a solid American. The movie was funny and had many attractive females, too many too count. It is not Pineapple Express or Burn After Reading but since this movie fires a fussilade of ballistic objects towards the left, credit has to be given.

The movie offers one argument I am disgusted with and have been for a while. Malone tries to say his policies are not anti-troops but against the war. This is just a joke, only the dumbass leftist minorty fall victim to this argument. When they tried to undermine the war effort last summer, in 2007 be defunding the war, and then they said this did not hurt the troops is just a fantasy. Only true progressive fools would believe this wicked spell and despicable action. Now they look stupid since the surge prevailed despite the Michael Moore's of the world wishing it failed, more troops were killed, and then Bush could be predictably blamed once again. How quaint. Any one who says they support the troops but then wants to take away their weapons and lower their pay is not helping anybody accept radical Islam. Oh yeah, that is right, the left does not admit there is a holy war and we are in their cross hairs.

The funny thing about this entire thing, or irony here, is that the wacky progressive/liberal Sharon Stone's and Madonna's of the world are the main reason that terrorists attack us. They want western styles to fade away, woman to be covered up, Sharia law to be imposed on the world, and for us to worship Mahammed. It is no wonder Arabs take to violence so quickly, their religious leader resorted to violence as well.

Three stars is what I would allocate this movie. ***

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