Friday, December 19, 2008

7 Pounds

This was a winner by a relatively unknown director by Gabriele Muccino. Superstar Will Smith is the leading actor in this film.

The movie is powerful and the ultimate guilt trip. The pursuit for personal and perhaps public redemption is in full stride in this movie.

The movie present us with Smith playing Ben Thomas. Thomas is seen as an IRS agent but we are purposely confused with one quick scene when Thomas is shown leading some time of sales meeting with a strange acronym on the screen. So, for about 40 minutes, or probably longer since this was a healthy movie and not a short one, we are not sure what Thomas is doing. He seems free and happy, shown swimming in the gorgeous ocean with a wonderful beach front home. Where did he earn this type of lifestyle? Not really sure, if we ever are.

Later on, it is revealed he stole from a friend of his, or a "donor acquaintence," his IRS credentials. Thomas seems to have considerable power as he is shown destroying, verbally, and somewhat physically, a hospital director. Thomas's character is deep and this is evident from the opening scene. The opening scene later becomes the present. Movies have done this before.

Thomas excoriates Woody Harrelson for being blind. This is early in the movie, and his character is made to be cruel and vindictive. This occurs over the phone. It is later to be determined that he was only testing Harrelson's character as Ezra Turner to see if he was truly kind. Which the hospital director apparently is not.

Michael Ealy was a surprise actor in this film, in something that is as serious as this. A big leap from Barbershop. Towards the end of the film, Ealy's character which is actually Thoma's brother, is shown to be the actual IRS agent. Thomas stole his credentials and in a conversation in the middle of the film, fights off this inquiry from his brother by reminding him that he gave him something of considerable importance. Since Ealy's character softens up and conversation runs cold and end.

Thomas is either the ultimate savior with the most civic mindeness in history or someone who just likes getting mixed up in other people's lives. What really happened is Thomas was driving his wife, chose to look at his blackberry rather than the road, and causes a major accident. His wife may not have been wearing her seatbelt. She is killed, and the oncoming van which rams into Thomas's car, is upended as well. I am not sure the outcome with those passengers. Not sure if there were any deaths but injuries resulted I am sure. Thomas can not dump the guilt, the pain causes him to help others. He gives part of his liver to a woman and I guess this paves the way for him to want to help others.

He enters the highly attractive Rosario Dawsons character's life which is Emily Posa. Smith and Dawson were in the garbage movie Men in Black II together about 10 years ago. Dawson steps up her game and performs incredibly well, she holds her own with Smith. Perhaps both will be nominated for this winner. This movie is far superior than Australia.

The movie does not really have any flaws. The characters are explained well for the most part. Barry Pepper also stars in this movie and he is the one who ensures Thomas's heart ends up inside Posa. Posa and Thomas fall in love a week before Thomas makes the ultimate sacrifice. He is totally determined to keep her on the earth, living. She happens to have a rare heart disorder and only has about a month to live since it is enlarging.

Thomas picks these people to help out by seeing a woman who works for the government. What office, I am not sure. But Thomas goes to considerable lengths to ensure these people are not at fault and worth helping.

Pepper plays Dan and Dan and Thomas have been best friends since young teenagers, perhaps before this. Dan and Thomas have a powerful conversation in the motel room that Thomas chooses to live in and complete his stay on this planet with us. In this motel room, during this odd conversation, Dan seems to be the guy that will handle the loose ends that Thomas can or does not want to handle. It all comes together at the end, but mainly, after the movie ends for the viewer. There are not any wasted scenes, in fact, some scenes may want to be scene again or have to by the viewer. Dan is a nice person but he does not seem to talk Thomas out from what he is planning. He may have, but it would have before the movie begins in their fictional relationship.

This movie had the sad but terrific music, some humorous scenes were mixed in, the language was memorable. Will Smith performs in this movie as solid and as magnificent as his Oscar winning sensation as he did in The Pursuit of Happyness. Hitch was awesome too, an outstanding action movie. So I forgive him for making last year's biggest let down and strangest title, I Am Legend. This movie was pathetically weak.

The creative part of this movie is how Thomas chooses to end his life. But any Discovery channel viewer knows the box jelly fish has a cousin with an even more powerful sting. Regardless, I am glad the box jelly fish do not live in Hawaii and this is a frightening species. I am sure it died at the end as well since the water was too cold and I do not remember if Thomas put salt in the bathtub water.

I hope he paid the motel manager some up front money because that would not be right Thomas skipping out on that deal.

I allocate this movie five stars. *****


Matt said...
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Matt said...

Will Smith never won an Oscar for "Happyness" nor was Hitch an action movie. Facts and storylines are something you should check.

Benjamin said...

Did I say Hitch was an action movie? No, it was a comedy. Clearly. I just saw this. My fault, I apologize. You are right, he was nominated for Happyness but did not win. We will see what happens, 7 Pounds was spectacular.