Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke performs well in this acute and accurate depiction of a wrestler's life. Not everyone of them makes it large like Hulk Hogan. There are allot of reasons why certain wrestlers become successful and others not. I am sure drugs and alcohol are strong contributory reasons why some of these wrestlers, perhaps most, do have a healthy lifestyle. Others probably have comfortable lifestyles but do not become super rich from their chosen wrestler profession.

Rourke plays a Randy Savage type wrestler. Well, in appearance, Randy Savage found his niche with his voice and acting. Not sure what he is doing now though. Rourke plays a pretty much loser, named Randy 'The Ram' Robinson. He is a broken down wrestler, still living off of his lore, without any savings or anything to fall back on. His daughter loathes him because he neglected her and then rekindles that hatred when he flakes out on her after he set up a long awaited dinner date with her. He is not that bright and this is obvious from the beginning.

This movie is worth watching just because of Marisa Tomei stars in this movie and rarely wears clothes. She has kept that figure after many years and is adorable as always. Though her storyline has been written before. Her relationship, or if there is one, with The Ram is entertaining.

The movie presents the terrible habits many or most wrestlers develope. Drugs, steriods, even the tanning salon can be damaging to the human body. Against the doctor's wishes, The Ram continues his destructive lifestyle. He may have cut down on the drugs.

The Ram once was a star wrestler about 20 years ago, in the 1980's. He has many fans from that day but he apparently did not save any of that money nor think about the future. Not unlike so many people that are alive today. He had too much fun, and probably thought the big money would always come. Not unlike Mike Tyson and Jose Canseco, he spent the money as fast as it came in.

The Ram is wrestling in fourth rate accomodations, not even nice ballrooms. For the most part, it is like dilapitated gyms with about a 100 fans cheering the wrestlers on.

The Ram has a side job, working at a grocery store, loading and offloading trucks. When he has a heart attack, the doctor instructs him he needs stop wrestling and to stop putting those drugs and compounds in his body. The Ram obeys these wise commands for a while, but after taking some extra shifts in the meat section of the grocery store, he falls apart in front of customers. He cuts his finger on a meat slicer and this sets him off. He throws a tantrum like a 5 year old. Pathetic and sad, he ruined some food, horrified customers, and almost could have been arrested for his behavior. He walks out to his car and pretty much home, his van.

There is not any other stars in this movie. No characters worth mentioning.

It is hard to believe people watch this sort of entertainment. It is not appealing to me, perhaps a big show at a wonderful arena, but not at these junctions. But back up and minor league wrestling is not worth my time, not most peoples'.

Rourke is the best looking man but that is why he is perfect for this part. Wrestlers are beat up, it is staged but I always knew jumping around like that is still dangerous. Having chairs slammed into one's back does not feel good, even with acting and cooperation.

The Ram wrestles one last time at the end. He knows he should and Tomei's character pleads with him to back down. But The Ram has nothing else to do, he knows that is it for him. That is the way to go out. I am sure one of those fans would offer him room and board for a while but he never submits or succumbs to this level of reasoning nor understanding. He does not want his troubles to be known. Pride or terrible thinking, what ever. It is not uncommon.

This movie has some decent music, some humorous scenes, and Tomei is again appealing. The movie is superb, not outstanding. I would not want to sit through it again-this is the pivotal feeling. And feeling sorry for wrestlers and that profession, or some of them, is not something I am about to do. The suffering in India with the Mumbai attacks, China's earthquake, the victims of the recent and brutal Santa Clause murders, those are things to mourne over. But Rourke will not win an Oscar because one must have multiple steller roles to finally earn this top recognition. Jamie Foxx is the few to have taken this award after only a few impressive performances. Rourke does not have any. Sin City, I do not think so.

I would allocate this movie three stars.***

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