Saturday, December 27, 2008

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia

Keith David, is the only recognizable face in this movie. It is action packed, the writing and story line are unoriginal. The reason I liked it is because of the high tech weapons and equipment in this movie.

It is hard to believe all of this jungle fighting and shooting, not one snake or bug from the natural environment. Why would one neglect this? This would have made the movie more interesting and believable. The movie does begin with some cool footage of FARC and explains what this group is about and their dangerous and murderous activities.

The military and CIA sends in a small SEALS team into this FARC region to spy on them. They film them having an important meeting with the Columbian military. This meeting is interupted by the Columbian military and everyone is shot accept the Columbian general. The seals get mixed up in this shootout and are ratted out by one of our guys in the states. Someone dropped the ball, the CIA dimed these SEALS out so they can take the blame on this violence. I did not listen to this movie exactly and obtain all of the tidbits and details. The Columbian General is the main villian, the CIA are made out to be a bureaucratic jumbled mess with terrible leadership in their command structure.

The movie did not have any spectacular action, was pretty simple, and low budget. No humor really, and only one attractive female who was killed. But it is still better than Wicker Man with Nicolas Cage and the Island of Dr. Moreau.

I would allocate this movie one star. *

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