Friday, December 26, 2008

Che: Part One

Benicio Del Toro performs incredibly well and shows why and how Ernesto Che Guevara or Che was such a charismatic and magnanimous leader. Steven Soderbergh who redeemed himself with Ocean's 13 after the flat Ocean's 12 has another winner. I am not sure what Hollywood's intention here is though, Cuba is still a poor and pathetic country. Even if there is alot of good people in Cuba, the country is based in misery and is a loser country. Why did Castro not realize communism is a loser's philosophy and has not worked in any country. It no longer is in practice in China like it used to be and that is the only stalward. China is going capitalist.

North Korea is not communist, that is a brutal totalitarianship.

Che was a true leader who was integral in tossing out the nasty dictator Batista. Batista exploited Cuba's population and seemed to be a US puppet. Fidel Castro then become a Soviet Union puppet. What a change. This movie, which was about 2 hours and 15 minutes long showed the compassion that Che held. How long did this last? He allowed people who did not want to fight with him to leave the struggle. But anyone in Cuba for the past 40 years who has spoken out against Cuba in any fashion or voiced any contrary opinion of Fidel's policies is tossed in prison and not heard from again. Castro could be the hardest headed human in the past several centuries, never abandoning his terrible policies.

I was not cognizant Che planned this struggle in Mexico nor that he was Argentinian. This movie did not show allot of Che's early life or how he formulated such demented nor radical ideaology. He did not trust democracy for some reason which seems to be based on faulty reasoning. I do not trust political correctness since it is destroying the first amendment of the USA and contributed to terrible events of Sept. 11th, 2001.

This movie was funny at times. When they had the column standing in rows and asked if any of them wanted to quit. Several did, Che and his fellow leaders would denounce and insult them. I can repeat or will not type what they did, well, one was a horse's ass. That was funny, their insults were pretty creative.

Batista was a nasty villian who was unliked by almost everyone in the country. Why the USA supported this piece of you know what is probably something we would change if we could.

I did not hear any fascinating music. The writing was good, the story flowed well. Glad to see Del Toro back, he is an intriguing actor. I learned some things and had no qualms regarding reading subtitles throughout this movie. It seemed accurate and the attention to detail was acute.

I would allocate this movie three stars.***

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