Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Ugly Truth

The bright blond Katherine Heigl is in this average romantic comedy which Hollywood seems to pump out about every 3 weeks. Abby is her name

This movie revolves around sex, so original. I do have to give this movie some credit though since it occurs in Sacramento. That is my home town and Hollywood usually occurs in about 5 places in the USA. But Eddie Murphy's movie about 2 months ago took place in Denver and now Hollywood ventures into Sacramento. That is wonderful to see some new sights and cities on Hollywood's radar.

Too bad the baseball scene was not actual. West Sacramento hosts the River Cats. This is a A's Triple A affiliate and their stadium is tremendous. It is actually better than where the A's play in Oakland. I have been to the Coliseum numerous times.

300's Gerard Butler is in attendance. He was sucked into this movie, his agent probably said to put this on his resume. Mike is his characater's name and he takes the idea from the Man Show and does it one better. He informs the public on his low budget show on what men really think about and what really want. He believes he knows everything and seemingly does. His knowledge of relationships is vast and he is not politically correct. Most likely men would favor this sort of talk and woman would detest and abhor it. He does speak the truth but his anti-relationship and belief there is not any healthy and fun relationship misguided. My parents debunk that theory instantly.

This movie is predictable from the beginning. The ending is quite obvious. The plot is this, Abby is the producer of a morning news program in Sacramento. It is weak and boring. The ratings are deplorable. The top manager, her supervisor, says they need to think outside the box. He likes Mike's show and personality and they decide to add a 5 minute segment of Mike's advice and beliefs to the news outlet. It is a success and Mike's popularity soars. Abby, ofcourse loaths Mike and his attitude about relationships. She is a control freak and everything Mike says seems to come correct. Abby can not understand nor admit this.

Mike is supremely confident in what he says and believes and he even decides to help her on a relationship. This only leads to them interacting more and become pretty close. This is OK, but when Mike buys covert secret service communication equipment to tell her what to say on the date, this is incredible. Mike attending the baseball game to help out Abby on a date-ridiculous. Like he has nothing else to do. He is a busy person with responsibilities, this scene is just over the top. Abby putting her hands in the doctor's crotch to wash some spilled soda is not realistic. Not the type of person she is, she deserved to get embarrassed like she did.

Abby's relationship with this doctor flourishes despite the doctor not even noticing how much time she spends talking with Mike.

Mike receives an offer from a station in San Francisco. Abby's boss wants her to talk him into remaining. Mike is invited to discuss his ideas on the Craig Ferguson show. Craig is hilarious by the way. Much funnier than this movie. The writers toss in the word neurotic and that seems to be what they want us to feel. Obsession and anxiety regarding relationships what the characters should do.

Mike could easily form a relationship with someone else, he chooses not to. Falling in love with Abby does not mean he is completely wrong, she changed more than him. She learned much more than him. The question is, can he retain or continue his segment, on any network, while living and loving someone like Abby? Abby was intrigued and interested with him from the beginning. She was a professional and attractive, that was her strengths. I said attractive but not hot. I am not big on her. Where is Christina Applegate? Or Jenny Garth? Those are blonds worth admiring.

A hot air balloon does not rise that fast either. Certainly I am glad most of the movie occured in Sacramento.

This movie did have some decent scenery. The music was OK. But not once did I laugh out loud.

I allocate this ho hum movie two stars.**

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