Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino strikes again. This movie is a comical twist and story only he would gravitate too. Personally, I have seen enough movies like this. One was just made several months ago when the main character was working for the Nazis. His wife was the sexy Vera Farmiga. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was the title and the ending was tragic. But some would say it was just desserts in its most horrific form.

Anyway, Brad Pitt is the chosen character in this film and he gets the go ahead from Quentin to play with his voice again, but not as over the top as he displayed in Snatch. When Pitt says "Nazis" it is hilarious. He pronounces the A like it is in the work apple, not as an O which is how it is designed to be stated. I thought it was humorous every time he said Nazi because of this.

Lt. Aldo Raine is Pitt's character. He is from the southern part of the US and is granted the right to choose eight Jewish American soldiers to be dropped off in Nazi occupied France and terrorize the Nazis. They would ambush German soldiers and torture them. This never occured and would debase any civilized military and the people they represent. This is totally fiction and never occured. Tarantino is perfect for this type of movie. But is not any Pulp Fiction. It is superior than the ridiculous kung fu movie called Kill Bob. Even the title is moronic here.

The hot blond Diane Kruger makes an appearance as Bridget von Hammersmark. This is appropriate since she is German.

This movie has long periods of endless dialogue. I would rather them make movie where some bad ass soldiers are dropped off in Pakistan to kill and main Al Queda. But with flying weaponized drones, this is probably too risky and unneccessary.

Tom Cruise also had his Valkyrie movie which we were given last year. I have seen enough WWII movies. Nothing will beat Saving Private Ryan with that genre of film. Atleast nothing I can think of at this moment. This movie was made for the people who never served in the military, do not view Al Queda as a real or evil threat, and really do not understand the history of WWII. Now it is a just a period of time to make a mockery of and relish. Just hopelessly just under the fantasy notion of Harry Potter. Atleast Harry Potter has the dignity and chutzpah to admit it is pure fantasy, the stretched out line of string of someone's imagination.

Til Schweiger from the amazing racing movie Driven stars in this film. He has impressed Raine and the basterds because he killed several Gestapo candidates while they slept. He was on his way to his unpleasant demise at the hands of the Third Reich when he was broken free by the basterds. Now he gets to continue his psychotic mayhem.

When the basterds have to learn Italian in a span of a day or so, that is hilarious. Raine orders one of his team members to begin studying right now, that was amusing.

Christoph Waltz plays a vicious but manipulative Nazi named Col. Hans Landa. He has some serious screen time in this film. His acting is substantial but some of these scenes are time consuming.

The musical score is weak and this story backdrop is quite redundant to me. Pitt is funny though and Kruger is glorious. I would never sit through it again.

I know this movie was goofy when Mike Myers appeared. But this movie is only slightly a little less preposterous as his famous movies known as Austin Powers.

I am real glad Pulp Fiction was not as fake as this movie. It is wonderful that Pulp Fiction was not filmed in the quick and quirky manner as this pseudo and make believe movie. The ending just sucked the acting skills of the characters like a black hole and was replaced by sick chaos. Hitler was protected by much more than just a few bodyguards but this is not even worth saying. The ending of this movie was just a total sham. Landa was given what he has been given out for some time now. But it is just so ridiculous, it was like a spoof on WWII films. I am not a fan of Tarantino films any more and I will never sit through those Kill Bill movies.

Yes, Wicker Man is still worse.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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