Monday, August 31, 2009

Halloween II

Rob Zombie borrowed a chapter from Jennifer Lopez's The Cell from about 10 years ago in this recent rendition. There is some wicked scenes that are used to depict what is strolling around Michael Myers's squish squash brain. He is not ruminating about how to create a more fuel effiician vehicle or how Americans vote for someone like Jimmy Carter.

Sheri Moon Zombie, who must be the director's daughter, Deborah Myers returns as Michael's sister. I saw the first one but I do not recall her role that closely. She is Michael's most wanted. Michael is being pushed by his dead mother to hunt her down. Michael's pathetic and demented brain has this illusion of his mother revolving around his head. He believed killing people is healthy and moral because of this. He has a simple mind but in the body of a powerful human being who seems to be immune from consecutive baseball bat hits to the dome and several crow bar hits as well. But this is a movie. Michael instantly recovers from this normally fatal strikes and moves like a cat and kills a grown man with deer antlers.

Why do they make an Austin Powers reference to a movie that occurs in the late 1970's?

The movie continues straight from the 2007 edition. Michael is supposedly dead and he is being escorted to the morgue by two baffoons. The driver collides with an oncoming car and every dies accept the passenger who works for the town's morgue. But ofcourse the super fresh Michael takes care of this. No rest for the weary. Michael does not water, food, and certainly not Gatorade. Ofcourse this is the pre Gatorade days, so not even orange juice.

Chase Wright Vanek plays the junior psychotic Young Michael who is also known as Chase Vanek. But the latter name no longer matters nor is it used much.

Malcolm McDowell is back as Dr. Samuel Loomis who is a famous or infamous psychologist. But he failed miserably with Michael Myers. But did he? Myers should have been executed for killing people as a minor but society would not go for it. Michael excapes, is this his fault? Loomis should be blamed for the book though and for putting Deborah's face and story through the mud again. She had relive the events from the first film, two years ago. This film is about a year later and Michael has been in hibernation. He only slices people up and attacks them on or around Holloween. Where does he go, how does he survive? Pure speculation and fantasy.

Deborah ends up living with Sheriff Lee Brackett as a step sister with his daughter. He is played by Brad Dourif who was also in the 2007 prequel or remake. His daughter does not make it through this film and many others do not either. Michael kills about 15 people in this movie. A couple have guns but fail to pul the triggers in time. Some can not run away properly, terror freezes their muscles and inhibits their normal coordination. Whatever, Myers never says award unless it is as a child.

Myers is again supposedly killed at the climax. Deborah appears to take over the killing helm. The mother's soul is the truly evil one. I do not recall how she was portrayed in the first film. She is the crux of it all. She is the centerpoint of this local evil.

Why the police did not approach the shack at the end after Myers was shot twice is beyond me. It appears Loomis's character meets its demise at the culmination. Ofcourse after being assaulted by the Sheriff, and much maligned by the media, his reputation has been in the duldrums for a while now.

It is terrifying and this is the point. There are some ridiculous points but it is not as harebrained as the films over 20 years ago.

I allocate this movie three stars.***

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