Monday, August 3, 2009


I doubt too many people will want to adopt a child after this movie is made. I wonder if Madonno or Angelina Jolie have experienced this? This couple did not spent enough time before they made the ultimate decision to allow this disturbed child to become a member of the family. They should have atleast of found out the mysterious reason why she refuses to ever remove her necklace.

The sexy Vera Farmiga stars in this copy cat film. She plays the worthless parent named Kate Coleman. The other pathetic parent is John Coleman. Peter Sarsgaard from another strange and unbelievable movie known as the The Skeleton Key. These two easily manipulated parents adopt the bizaare, to say the least, 9 year old Russian girl named Esther. Isabelle Fuhrman is the actress.

Esther is a total nutjob. She intimidates other children and/or harms them. She has the capacity for murder and murdered a nun. The Coleman's have a deaf daughter who is forced beyond her will to hide the body of this unsuspecting victim.

The Coleman's did not complete any type of background check on this girl. Even after the body of the nun is found they refuse to even be a little suspicious of the matter. The nun is the person who most frustrated me in the spectacular show The Shield. Her inside manhunt exhausted department resources while real criminals and threats paved their way. CCH Pounder is the nun ofcourse and her name is Sister Abigail.

The Coleman's kids are terrified and are total victims in this matter. They are threatened with their lives and their parents can not even sense the terror in their eyes and thoughts. No way this is humanly possible but this a pure fantasy.

Esther should not have been adopted by anyone until she agreed to change her clothes and even act half way normal. She proved to be a non team player even at the outset. I do not care if she was painting better than Thomas Kinkaid. Her strange vibe could have been felt 100 miles away.

She plays the gullable and meager parents against each other.

This movie does not have any impressive music. It has a few comical scenes but the movie is predictable as any other similiar horror movies. For instance, his wretched Hide and Seek movie is of the same ilk. Too bad he agreed to a movie far below his ability and clout. But, he could scratch this wish off his list.

This movie was absurd from the beginning but it became Harry Potterish after the nun scene. Esther is probably Joseph Stalin's daughter. He would be proud? Why is she so evil?

The son should have taken those pictures his sister showed him instantly to his parents. I think a child of his own age would have figured this out. But again, this movie is twisted and needs to continue allowing Esther to devastate this family. The Grandma is about as stupid as they come as well. She should have known by this point that Esther was devious and giving her a dollar at that point was not the right move.

Wow, John begins to cry at the end? Are you serious? I guess this is the gay 21st century father.

Karel Roden makes a cameo at the end though. I like that. He has proven himself in many films. Dr. Värava does add some clarity to this movie and shed some light on what is occuring. Regardless, the hopeless parents should never have adopted this loser and wicked child. Leave it up to governments to not take care of someone this dangerous. Though Esther is not as menacing to society as Barnie Frank.

John had a rough ending and meets his doom but his denial and failure to see what was right in front of him, what can we say. I mean, after this little girl or middle aged woman tries to hit on him and dresses like a Broadway tramp, and he still just lets her walk away with just a little threat, too soft.

All Kate can say is stop it at the end. She is devoid of brains and answers and adequate responses. Her husband is just a puppet of this master mind of a child. Russia was glad to export this nasty product. This child is innate evil. But the movie is horrendous. Though still 3 times better than Cage's Wicker Man.

I allocate this movie one star.*

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