Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Strike one up for the females. This movie was designed and written for them. But atleast Rachel McAdams is present. A beauty like that deserves us to stand at attention when she graces herself with her presence. She plays Clare Abshire who chooses to fall in love with a man who is cursed. He can remain in the same time as her.

Eric Bana is the man who Clare falls head over heals for. Henry DeTamble is this man's name and he has been given something that is completely not a gift. And not only does he he disappear from time to time, his mother dies early in his life and he can not even prevent it. Henry has a genomic anomaly of which mankind does not have an answer for. No one would believe it if he told them. He has to show them his ability to disappear, but this is fandom.

Apparently his clothes do not follow him when he time travels. This aspect was borrowed from the Terminator script. His bouncing around time like a basketball is something that the outstanding show Lost brought to light. This movie is not totally a romantic episode, there is some science to it which makes it somewhat worthwhile.

If Clare wanted a normal life, she should not have married a man who has a strange and one of a kind disorder. That is her fault. She knew this ahead of time and thought it was cool. The repercussions could have been imagined. But perhaps not. Henry repeatedly meets her in a pleasant meadow. When they can not have a baby together Clare is distraught. The baby may have the same twisted gene as the father. But Clare still had the choice to not marry Henry. She is the won who invited him into her life. She bears the responsibility for this. Henry does not even have a job. Did he ever graduate from college, or even High School?

Henry bounces around time and in one scene he is fighting some guy who has some decency. This guy does not like the outfit Henry has on. Henry is dressed like some disgusting gay man from San Francisco. He was asking for someone to display some standards or expect some. Hollywood, in all its liberal wisdom, makes this man out to be a terrible person. Henry wins the fight which must put a smile on the Fannie and Freddie Mac liar and immoral politician Barnie Frank.

This movie is more of a drama than anything. It is pretty melodramatic but it fails to capture my attention. Are these two peoples' issues that important to movie audiences? I doubt it. This movie may last two weekends in the theatres but that is probably about it.

Henry lives a precarious existence. He must steal clothes every time zone he lands in. Sooner or later, he will be shot or possibly maimed for this action. On one occasion, he is arrested for burglary but he disappears from the backseat of the patrol car. Much to the dismay of the arresting officer.

The movie is a lovely fairy tale story. A picture book ending, quite sweet and awefully romantic. Glad I did not pay for it. Too bad is just as charismatic as watching the Kansas City Royals play the Oakland A's. McAdams is stunning as always though.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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