Saturday, January 24, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

There is not too much to say about this movie. It is not special, it is dark and dreary. But this is what one should expect. Despite this, it still still too dark and the movie was not that good to overcome this. No gorgeous Kate Beckinsale, Rhona Mitra was the hotty in this film but the skinny look she displayed in Shooter is a turn off. Mix in a burger, skip the cabbage. She is too skinny and not much is shown so that aspect is ruled out.

I still like these movies because the same characters and actors are used. So the viewer, me, does not have to spend half the movie trying to figure who replaced who and what happened to the original charactor or actor.

Good to see Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy back. I guess the elder, Victor, he does not have wings. Because the second Underworld presented us with some pretty powerful vampires, frightening actually, who could fly and use their wings as some serioius weapons. I would like to see them fight Wolverine or the Terminator. That would be fascinating.

This movie was not that good though. By far, the worst of the three. The entire movies takes place in central Europe somewhere, probably around the dark ages.

The acting was nothing to call anyone up about, there was not any good musical scores, the storyline was simple and redundant, the action was OK, there was some blood and fast movements. I am sure this movie will not see a second weekend in the movie theatres.

The ending had some decent action. The elder vampire, ran like a coward at the end. Amazing people would fight for such a terrible leader.

I have some questions: who were the wolves roaming around the castle? Why would vampires want to create wherewolves or likens? Victor appeared to have died at the end but I knew he could not die since he was alive in present time, in the first Underworld. Selene, the amazing Beckinsale, slices his head diagnally at the end of that spectacular film. That one was much better than this one. Like the Blade series, each one is worse than the previous. But this movie is actually worse than Blade III.

Who are the vampires who just follow Victor around? Just mindless zombies? Death dealers were mentioned in this film but not shown. Whatever.

I went back and watched Underworld, just the part where they show the scene where Lucian's lover is killed. It was not Rhona Mitra but that is fine. Apparently they had no idea the series would extend to three. It may not get to four because this third one was pretty weak. They better spend a little more time with the story line if they want to make a 4th. I would like to see a wherewolf fight an alien from the movies, Aliens.

I would allocate this movie one star. *

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