Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Spirit

I read somewhere that Hollywood is cutting down the amount of movies they have been making because of the weak economy. But they chose to make this debacle. This movie is not as bad as Wicker Man but real close. Samuel L. Jackson is in this movie because he does not say no to anyone. This movie is so terrible it makes Snakes On a Plane seem like A Time To Kill. Does he dilute himself making these garbage movies? I am not sure about that.

Gabriel Macht is the hero. Not much else to say, this movie is anti entertaining. I am sure he was happy being around more famous people. I would be happy being around Scarlett Johansson in any circumstances. But she is covered up in this movie, the movie is devastatingly dark, and her role is just bizaare. Do not expect to be impressed with her in this film. It is not worth seeing for any reason.

Gorgeous woman in this movie but it is black and white, the entire movie is dark. It is horrible.

I allocate this movie 0 stars. I would have given Wicker Man -1 star since not only should someone have paid for my admission, I should have been paid to sit through such a despicable movie.

Eva Mendes was in this movie. I am not as big on her as other people. But this movie is so horrendous, it is not ever worth renting. I doubt any human could sit through this movie. I do not think anyone will. I know I did not. It seems to be a spoof or satirical jab at the superhero movies Hollywood is making. Whatever.

Paz Vega appears more attractive in this black and white debacle than in reality. She has a nice figure, no one will argue with this.

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