Friday, January 2, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Adam Sandler stars in this movie. It does not matter how many movies he makes he will not beat Pineapple Express nor ever top his best-The Waterboy. That is one of the top comedy movies in cinema lore.

This movie has Sandler playing Skeeter Bronson who is the maintenance man at a prestigious hotel. He babysits these two children, who is his neice and nephew, and the stories come to life since they do not have any thing else to do before the fall asleep. They have old west, a middle age, and a Roman gladiator version. The two kids are politically correct cute, with a guineu pig that has large eyes. Why does it have large eyes? That is not funny and it is ugly.

The children's mother does not allow the kids to have any fun, they can not eat meat, play video games, eat fast food, it is borderline child abuse. Any child raised like this would surely loath their parents soon enough and their rebellious teenage years would even be more vicious than normal.

Keri Russell is in this movie and she is pretty. But Teresa Palmer is the hottest of them all and is just stunning. She portrays a Paris Hilton type, her father being the goofy CEO of this huge hotel chain. If Paris Hilton looked like Teresa Palmer, she would not be pulically reviled by anyone with a clue but would be actually glamorous for a reason.

This movie is designed for kids. Guy Pearce is in this movie for whatever reason, I guess some Christmas money. He is trying to take over the hotels since Palmer's old and weird father, but successful businessman, is setting to roll down a hill into the sunset. In a strange and accidental meeting, he forces Pearce's character and Bronson to work on and unveal a new hotel theme. Pearce's character, as predicted, is a narcissistic jerk, totally conceded, and vain. He has the college degree, Bronson has the technical degree, blah blah, blah blah.

Russell Brand is a new entertainer coming to light, he is funny and pretty creative with his language. At the end of the movie, he is dressed in a female costume. Why? Just strange. This movie should have been straight to video, probably one weekend in the theatres.

This movie has decent music, gorgeous Teresa Palmer, but not much else. There is nothing on the line, the ending is predictable, and movie is pure and utter fiction. Not one creative aspect was carried out in this movie. No one will talk about it and is completely forgettable.

Courteney Cox is also in the movie and probably does not do any acting. She is Bronson's sister and I am sure she really raises children in this fashion.

I would allocate this movie one star. *

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Matt said...

The Waterboy is not Adam's best movie and is anti entertaining compared to Spanglish and 50 First Dates.