Friday, January 30, 2009

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Apparently Kevin James has done something right since he is receiving his own movies now rather than sharing them with other stars, aka Will Smith.

This movie James plays a mall cop. Obviously he is over weight and much of the comedy stems from this fact. He is one of the few guys in the world who actualy profits off of this poor health. He is funny but this movie does not amount to much. I did laugh a lot as expected, probably more than Hitch. But, this movie was not as well done as Hitch, and despite Hitch having a terrible ending with Smith begging the girl to date him after she tried to ruin his career and lie about him, Hitch had better and more credible characters.

This movie did show the segway a lot which is a tremendous machine. But this movie shows why using this machine all day can lead to lack of exercise and unlike other negative aspects about someone, one can not hide fat.

Jayma Mays was in this movie. I am not saying one should know who she is but she was not highly attractive in the movie. But online, her real life pictures and appearance, she is only half as attractive which is not a compliment. But in this poor economy, I can see why the studio would choose her for this role.

The movie had a pleasant ending. It was predictable but I did not expect a movie or story like Syriana.

The funny parts are probably when James is drunk and feeling the cell phone store manager's ear, when James is trying to hide from some robbers and his stomach is failing him, and when he is involved in an obstacle course and he falls down and then falls asleep.

Paul Blart is basically a pitiful loser and has many fallabilities. But he has an honest and works hard and the indignities and narcissism of mankind preys on the Blart's of the world. No one is impeccable, but Blart's naivity and softness allows people to walk all over him. In some cases and with certain people, stand on him. Despite this, he has people that love him and he loves them. James can play this character all day, as can Adam Sandler. But James is clearly an obese man and the writers tie this to his character.

The movie is hokey and totally unrealistic. A crowded mall would not be cleared that easily, where was mall management, and James's Paul Blart would be unable to continue any physical activity after jumping off a speeding vehicle and impacting the ground.

The movie did not have any special music, below average writing, and forgettable characters. But James is funny and when his character eats half eaten lolly pop he finds on the ground to increase his sugar content, is nasty but entertaining. It symbolizes how deplorable this character is. But he is innocent and a soft hero.

I allocate this movie one star.* It was still 6 times better than Nicolas Cage's Wicker Man.

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