Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jackass 3

This is not really a movie. Just a bunch of clowns doing mainly disgusting things. I skip allot of that. One good reason not to see it in the theatre is because one has to withstand allot if segments that are more disgusting than amusing.

I like the sections and ideas where they mess with strangers. Johnny Knoxville is the star he does this when he is bending over to tie his shoe and he purposely has his ass sticking up in some guy's face. I am sure most would say something but there is always that lone, weak fool who just tolerates it. At the same time, this sorry man is visibily and clearly bothered by this intrusion while he is eating his meal. Or trying too.

The guy eating the food out of the trash can while the surrounding citizens believe it is a diaper-that is funny. When they cut that guy's hair off and top him with a ridiculous tupee, that is comical. He sneezes in public and his tupee purposely falls off to the unknowing and unaware public that is it all a prank. Obviously, they believe this was an accident, that is entire point.

This type of stuff is not for everyone. Not for the up tight folks atleast.

No star allocation since this is not a movie. I sort of forgot this stuff existed.

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