Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

This is a perfect movie why the USA needs less entitlement programs. It is because people abuse them without any hope in helping society out. It is because too many dishonest people do not deserve the tax payer money they are requesting. In this movie, this girl's mother is not working and has not worked in years. Her despicable husband and her are in a terrible scam.

The daughter is Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe whose name is Precious. She is actually the antitheses of precious because she is about 100 pounds over weight and naturally ugly. She is raped by her father so she can have babies to be raised by her grandmother who seems to just maintain a hush hush attitude about this horrendous scheme. The mother collects welfare checks that continue to march upward for every dependant her daughter conceives.

Precious is illiterate and eventually runs away with the latest child. This is after a brutal fight with her fat, black mother. Her mother is a horrific woman and is a menace to society. She should be tossed into the middle of the Hudson River to become fish food.

DeJaVu's Paula Patton stars in this movie. She is the precious one. Ms. Rain is her name and she teaches Precious in her GED course. This is a continuation school for absolute losers. It reminds me of the losers I was surrounded by at Fern Bacon Middle School in south Sacramento. Precious is sent to this school after her Principal finds out that she is pregnant again with her 2nd child. Precious is only 16 but reads a 1st grade level. Patton works with her throughout the movie and gives her a reason to live. Ms. Rain even takes her in when Precious ditches her mother with her second child.

Precious's father eventually dies because he is HIV positive. Which he passed onto her. Overall, he is a nice fellow. Honestly, he is a piece of crap too and would make some organic and healthy fish food for the water life in the Hudson River.

Precious's mother does not even know when her birthday is.

Mariah Carey was in this movie but her role was limited. That bombshell is incredibly attractive. She is so lovely it is hard to contemplate. Beyonce Knowles will never be a Mariah Carey. Mrs. Weiss was her character's name but her impact was not felt at all.

This is a family movie of the worst kind. But these are the elements in American life. This is what is wrong with certain cultures in America. Precious's mother is not only a terrible woman she is also a blatant liar. How society created this beast is spectacular. A true product of American urban blight, a walking sociopath, a selfish human being not worth a piece of lint found on a comfortable couch. She has the audacity at this movie to blame her troubles on Precious. Precious defends herself in front of the social worker and calls her out.

Certain cultures tolerate this behavior as well. The behavior and white collar criminal intentions of the mother. In some cases, they are celebrated and envied. But that did not occur too much here. Precious's classmates, who were all female, felt sorry for her. The social worker put the breaks on her checks at the end. This was the climax. Her mother's fraudulent ways were blown up in her face. She should have to pay the money back. Precious mother will either be homeless soon or have to rejoin the workforce. Life is tough and she put herself into a terrible situation. She should be tossed into prison for an entire array of crimes. Notably child neglect, accomplice to rape, etc.

This movie is realistic. I think Barbara Boxer and Nanci Pilosi needs to see this movie. Their ignorance is profound and they allow these stories to occur by coddling entire communities and not promoting hard work and decency.

I allocate this movie three stars.***

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