Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fourth Kind

The first kind is when someone sees a UFO. The second kind is when someone can prove a UFO was present. The third kind is when an alien is seen. The fourth kind is when the aliens abduct someone. This is what is described in the movie. I was confused since I thought the first two kinds were male and female.

I thought Fire In the Sky was more convincing. Although this movie may have been more frightening. This movie involved a lot of hysterical screaming, extremely violent. Like Paranormal Activity, it was not that long but The Fourth Kind was much harder to follow.

Milla Jovovich is the star of the movie and she chooses the craziest movies. I hope these bizaare character choices do not end up having irreparable damage. Abbey Tyler is her name and I am not sure who the real Abbey Taylor is. This movie bounces back continuously with supposedly actual footage. It is disturbing which detracts from the movie. Only about 10 minutes of the film is actually smooth dialogue without crazy pictures.

Tyler is a psychologist who has already lost her husband to suicide. Her son blames her and his younger sister does not understand. It is a brutal situation.

Tyler puts a client under submission and this person begins to scream violently. Later on that night, this man holds his family hostage but seems to be possessed during this tirade. He is speaking in a language that is difficult to gauge. Tyler is unable to pacify him so he subsequently shoots himself after unloading on his family.

Remember the Titans and Armegeddon's Will Patton is Sheriff August. He does not believe Tyler's story on anything and wants to arrest her more than once in this story. It seems that her patients have a tendency to act psychotic after seeing her. Basically, she is not helping them but escalating their issues. What is their issues? They seem to see an owl at night which stairs at them. OK, why don't they shut cover or screen off the window? I guess this is too logical. None of these people have a dog. I would shoot any animal that was staring at me this wickedly. And if I knew someone who said this was happening to them I would be over there for support and protection.

This movie takes place in Nome, Alaska. Nome has had an extraordinary amount of UFO sightings in the past few decades. It has also seen its share of missing people cases. But I went to the website of Nome and saw the picture of the wonderful little down. I did not see that many trees for some owl to perch on. Also, this movie looked more like the Seattle, Washington area with all those trees and lush green vegetation. Nome appears in the picture as an area that is not inundated with trees. I did not do any extensive research, but Wikipedia did not say anything about any abductions in Nome. Upon further research, I uncovered this: "But state licensing examiner Jan Mays says she can’t find records of an Abigail Tyler ever being licensed in any profession in Alaska." This is by Kyle Hopkins,,

24's Colonel Iké Dubaku is in this movie. Which was humorous and cool. He is Hakeem Kae-Kazim in reality but Awolowa Odusami in this movie. He is an expert in Sumerian languages and history. Sumerian language is obsolete but according to this movie the evil alien entity hung out with those aliens, has not learned English yet, influenced the Sumerians enough so now they are no longer around, and basically forced them to paint pictures of them. These aliens are pretty selfish and some of this is similiar to Paranormal Activity, especially dealing with the people being dragged or trying to be dragged out of their rooms. In particular to Tyler.

OK, so Tyler and the police do not get a long. Odusami seems to have flown in to help Tyler with this bizaare case(s). He helps her translate the Sumerian language that was spitting out vehemenently Sumerian vernacular. Soon thereafter, a man she just hypnotized in the office becomes possessed and ends up breaking his neck as he was taken over by this entity while sleeping or napping in this bedroom. What this movie does is, someone is just sleeping and there is not any build up, the human just shouts in a massive sound, almost beyond what the human lungs are capable of, in total climax. This seems like it would be a considerable strain on our body and it is.

Tyler's good friend is Abel Campos played by Elias Koteas. He prevents her from being arrested by August after her client is crippled from the neck down. The sheriff orders her to remain inside right before she was going to ship her kids off to North Carolina. She should have told the sheriff to take her children. I thought of this immediately. August leaves one of his deputies to watch the house. About 2 hours later, the deputy notices something bright in the tree near her home. As he gets out of the car, I thought he was going to get wasted. But the daughter is abducted. So the cavalry returns. Tyler is hysterical, August believes she was in on it.

The movie goes even more haywire. There is a series of shouting between her and the alien entity. Someone is translating her voice and this alien speaking an ancient language. This movie also jumps back and forth with Tyler being diagnosed or having a conversation with a psychologist. She is explaining to him the series of events, her daughter is still missing. The alien entity would not give up the daughter. This is how the movie ends with Milla Jovovich and another actor detailing to the viewer that this has been real footage and we should believe what we want. After my research and natural skepticism, I think this is a hoax.

I believe Fire In the Sky was more credible since it did not try to betray an entire community. The people of Nome fight this movie off and the psychologist Tyler never even existed in Alaska. I do not like it when movies try to lie and scare people. Stephen King does not even do this for instance and he is a true weirdo. But a wonderful tale yearner.

Paranormal Activity is far superior to this film.

Hakeem Kae-Kazim was the best actor. He should have had additional lines.

I allocate this movie one star.*

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