Thursday, November 5, 2009

Black Dynamite

This could be the funniest black movie since I Am Going To Get You Sucka. This movie had the dynamic characters and a full ensemble. There were many different personalaties. The main question I have is where did Michael Jai White come from? Why has it taken him so long to reach stardom? If he could fight this good, he should have been given high caliber roles a long time ago. Jason Statham has been making action packed blockbusters for many years now. I would like to see these two pair up or battle it out in a action movie. White has not been given a role with as much monetary support as Statham has but he can prove he can fight with the best of them.

White plays Black Dynamite (BD) in this movie. This movie is not that complicated. There is many different focal points in this movie. They toss in some urban politics, a Vietnam segment which is hilarious, some Black Panther bones, a shot highlighting the Italian Mafia, corrupt politicians, easily persuaded voters, inner city blight, and extensive action. This movie was a spoof, it was not actual action. It was obvious it was exagerrate and comical from the outset. Regardless, the main character needed to know how to fight and White has proven he can do this.

This movie bounced all over. It started out in LA with a man being shot. That man turned out to be BD's brother. BD is notified of this news by his aunt while he is beating up some Asians in some sort of goofy training session he conducts in his own home. How this is training is just an example of the movie being ridiculous. BD recalls the promise he made to his mother about protecting his little brother. So BD sets to find out what happened and who is responsible.

Along the way, he meets Tasty Freeze and his gang. Tasty Freeze is played by Arsenio Hall. He is seem to the leader of the pimps in LA. BD notifies them that he does not want them selling drugs in the neighborhoods. What tilts this wheel is when he finds out that even children at the orphanage were being sold drugs. Where they received the money is another story. BD was raised in an orphanage so this touches home. This movie like to show imagas from the past, not just relying on the spoken description from BD. So BD stomps out the drugs in all of South Central LA. Which is absurd but this is pure fantasy.

One of the main villians in the movie is John Kerry who plays a Mafia Chief. This Mafia barron is the one who is distributing drugs and supplying it to the local dealers. BD never deals with this organized villian, so this here is a slight void left in the script. BD accumulates some help in fighting this societal menace from the Black Panthers. In reality, and currently, the Black Panthers are a societal menace. BD and his cohorts interrogate a white man, it did not look like Kerry, so I am certain this hole was never given a plug.

BD did confront a bad crew in a pool hall ran by Chicago Wind. Wind is played by Mykelti Williamson. BD knocks out these thugs and then forces Wind to run his car off a cliff outside of LA. BD just goes around, he is even shot up point blank by two mafia hitmen in his brother's apartment and basically is unscathed. He was shot in the upper left torso but he just shrugs it like he is Predator or something. BD does seek medical attention but that is mainly to see an attractive nurse and subsequently receives a scolding from the doctor.

While BD and his allies storm a staging point for the mafia and their drugs, they find dozens of crates with Malt Liquor instead. They realize this Malt Liquor is designed to make a black man's penis smaller. No joke, they even show this with one of BD's obese friends in this place of residence. Disgusting. BD shoots him while he is in a stupor since it he is better off being dead. This takes this motivated crew to an island off the coast of LA which I believe is called Catalina but the movie gives it a fictional name. They have a little boat scene here.

This is where the movie takes a Commando twist. But martial arts returns as BD's Black Panther bad asses are killed off by the Fiendish Dr. Wu. Roger Yuan is the second in command in this criminal conspiracy. Wu can fight by also seems to be a wizard with a chemistry set. BD beats the information out of him after he defeats him in a Kung Fu death match. BD and one of his contributers who survived fly off the island in a helicopter after firing hellfire and stinger missiles to eliminate this devious chemical contraption and solution.

BD is on a mission. He flies all the way across the nation to the "Honkey House." He shoots and crushes the Secret Service. The villian in the office is Richard Nixon
played by James McManus. Nixon apparently is the baddest fighter on the planet besides BD. BD was never really challenged by Dr. Wu like I thought he would be. Nixon gets two good licks into BD but this is not enough to bring BD down. BD is strong on top of being able to fight with the best skills any human could possibly master. Nixon goes down but BD spares him. BD has dirt on Nixon, some slimy dirt with some gorgeous woman in some precious positions. This is no good for a sitting president or any man with clout who is married. This threat instantly sinks in. BD orders Nixon to get this Malt Liquor out of the market and to leave his neighborhood alone.

This movie does not have any special music. The funniest part is sort of racist and cruel for anyone who has any powerful memories of the Vietnam war. Whatever, it is in the movie. We all know the Chinese were not the ones we were killing, it was in Vietnam. This movie was not that long but I was compelled to watch practically every scene. It was entertaining and there so many intriguing and fascinating characters. Interesting to see White in a comical role. I never saw Seagal do anything like this. But BD has not made an action movie on par with Under Siege, not yet atleast.

I allocate this movie three stars.***

Roger Yuan ... Fiendish Dr. Wu

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