Friday, October 9, 2009

The Rebound

Catherine Zeta-Jones has really falling off. I guess she does not need the money so she makes this just to show her superstar husband Michael Douglass she does not completely rely on him. She may have done this movie pro bono. This salary would help her get through the weekend.

She plays Sandy who finds a video on her home computer that proves her husband is unabashedly unfaithful. Why they have a video recording in their home is beyond me but whatever. Perhaps she set it there because of her suspicions. Regardless, this movie has been made about 200 times now.

I know why Justin Bartha took this role. One love scene with Jones and he may have volunteered for this as well. He can do pro bono as well. I am sure his friends were OK with that.
He plays Aram Finklestein who has not started a normal full time job yet but does have a college degree. He is probably saddled with $60,000 in college debt but this is not mentioned. Sandy has money from her previous divorce. She seems to have money since she still attends yoga and does not seem to spend too much time thinking about her new status. There does not appear to be one, her husband is smacked with two hefty child support payments. But this is not discussed in the movie. Like Zellweger's role in My One and Only, I guess she needs a man as well. Not much has changed. I wonder what feminists think about this? Well, Zellweger's Anne Deveraux does, in the end, pursue the single route after she becomes more down to earth and practical. Her mind had been in the stratosphere and had to be knocked down with a ball peen hammer.

Sandy finds a job as a writer in a newspaper and it seems she is writing about sports which to me, just to walk in and be given a column in the age the newspaper readership decline, is totally fictional. It is just not that easy. But she is a hard worker and apparently has the right mindset for this occupation.

Sandy and Aram meet since he ends up baby sitting her children. Sandy goes on a few dates with some white collar types she is not interested in. Her friend is setting her up with people she would be interested in. Sandy sees the kindness in Aram's eyes one day and she leans towards him. Aram is interested in her despite not having a sound footing yet, I guess he does not want to have some free time in his mid 20's. The movie does challenge him on this account, not very many 24 year olds would even consider taking over a family. If they were successful or not, this would not matter, even if the mother was stunningly attractive which Sandy is. Sandy comes with some baggage, Aram still lives with his folks. This is a massive reach but it is Hollywood, land of the imaginational stretch.

But the movie comes back to reality after Sandy gets pregnant-which happens after their first encounter. She is content with having a child but after a visit with the doctor, she has a collision course with what is about to happen. She realizes that starting a semi family with someone so young, unpolished, and unproven may not be the best course of action. Aram thinks he is ready but her mind is set. Aram is forced to locate another route. Probably for the best.

Aram does travel around the world but returns to land on his feet. Aram adopts a child from Bangladesh. Aram has some attractive offers from pretty, professional, females his age but for some reason he does not even give them a chance. Whatever. One evening, with his parents, hard to believe, while they are out to eat, they run into Sandy. This is about 6 years later. His parents are ecstatic. Aram is secretly elated. Sandy agrees to combine tables and her interest grows. What a fine ending.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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