Sunday, October 4, 2009

Love Happens

It seems Jennifer Aniston is trying to compete with Drew Berrymore in how many different ways one can make the same movie. The problem is, Drew is not trying to compete with anyone, it is who she is. She is a little sweety, Jennifer is trying to compete with the powerhouses out there and come close being equal her former mate left her for, Angelina. Angelina is in some some supreme movies, she is trying to compete for an Oscar. Jennifer is not even close to this. But, Jennifer was a star on a highly successful show for many years running. That is stellar in its own right.

The former Punisher Aaron Eckhart is Burke. Why he did not continue making Punisher movies is something to ponder. I am sort of broken up over it. Hollywood made a Punisher movie more recently and it was just weak compared to the one Aaron made about 7 years ago.

Jennifer Aniston teams up with Aaron in this movie. She is Eloise who at first I believe is deaf. But apparently she is just displaying her ASL skills. This movie is pretty devoid of a strong plot. But it does have character and meaning. Burke has lost his wife and he has transformed this pain and agony into becoming a motivational speaker for a wide range of people. His star is rising fast and his material motivated agent is helping Burke become supremely wealthy. But this is not what Burke joined this movement for, he does not want enrich himself based on his wife's tragic accidental death.

I do not think anyone would motivate me to walk on glass. That is just ridiculous. It is amazing people find comfort in listening to someone like this. One can listen for the story and perhaps get something out of it, but follow someone around like this rather than Jesus Christ. This makes little sense to me. But if someone like Burke prevents some suicides or some other outrageous outbursts, then Burke's work is worth the effort. I would take someone like Burke more serious and closer to being holy if I did think they were in that type of work for material gain. Burke did a poor job of hiring an agent. Perhaps it was just his childhood friend. If that is the case, then I can understand this arrangement.

Burke and Eloise meet in a restaurant and Burke is impressed by Eloise. Despite the fake tan, she is pretty. They hit it off and flirt whenever they are together. But there are some deeper misgivings with Burke. For instance, it is revealed half in the movie that he did not attend his wife's funeral. Why? Only he knows.

This movie is a shaking example on why the animal needs to be hit. Burke's wife swerved to avoid hitting a wolf and it cost her everything. She should have continued on track to hit the animal. Perhaps the quick moving animal would have avoid the impact in the last second. Regardless, one who swerves to hope to miss the animal, can also smash into someone else as well putting others at risk as well.

How does one who absorbes a powerful tragedy turn this into someone who can relate to other people's horrendous events and slowly pull them out of it? He has that inner strength and it shows. The problem is that he is a hypocrite and takes a chance of this momentum he has built from shattering. He has not fulfilled the wishes of his wife regarding the parrot. She wanted the parrot to be released into the wild if something ever happened to her. He has been too preoccupied with handling this responsibility. How does he talk to the masses when he can not even man up and handle his own obligations? I could never begin a career which revolved around urging other people to do things I was unwilling to do myself. I remember working at Univ. of Phoenix and Enrollment Counselors who never completed their degree were trying to persuade someone else to grab theirs. Hmm...

Burke also has had a pathetic relationship with his wife's parents since her mortal accident. Why? I wonder what they thought of his new found career. I am surprised they never sent a letter to the newswires or to a local reporter.

A personal success story of Burke's is Walter. Walter has his own demons since he lost his son. I imagine nothing is worse than this but this has stripped Walter of his entire pesonality. John Carroll Lynch plays this character well and his performance is credible. Losing his son has devastated him, it has affected his professional life, his contracting business has taken a frontal blow. He was reluctant to seek some help but his sister recommended he go see Burke. Burke worked with him, it was rough for a while but Burke was able to get Walter back on his feet. This was psychologically healthy and for the sake of him enjoying the rest of his life, or being able to live it properly, it was mandatory.

Aniston plays the same part in almost every film though. In this one, she does not care for Burke's success or his larger than life personality, but only him as a person. Ofcourse she would not care for him at all if he did not have an income stream or a job. But she this same behavior in every movie.

Burke and Eloise run into each other when Burke feels Eloise is trying to push him in a direction he does not want to go. She is right though, she wants him to go work out his issues and he is too stubborn to do so. Amazing he can talk to hundreds of thousands of people about these life's duties but he is unwilling to walk through the fire himself.

Martin Sheen is Burke's Father-in-Law. In a huge television and live audience event that Burke is giving, he continues to blame himself for what occured to his wife. This is hanging him up in life and it is now showing publically. His recent success is even more amazing or there is something wrong with his supporters. But her father enters the picture, in front of everyone, both men are crying. Burke is finally let off the hook for everyone to see. Burke's father knows it was not Burke's fault, it was just a freak and rare accident. Too bad his daughter chose not to continue moving towards the vehicle.

Despite this movie having a powerful message, it has been done before. This movie is not original. Ofcourse Burke and Eloise make up for their previous breakup and have a final and loving kiss.

Sasha Alexander is a photographer in the genesis of the film. She is interested in Burke but he passes on her, just totally dismisses her. Foolish. Sasha is much prettier than Jennifer. Sasha should have had the lead role.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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