Friday, July 3, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

Abigail Breslin plays Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald who hires an ACLU attorney Campbell Alexander played by Alec Baldwin to unchain her from her mother's complete control. Her mother is Sara Fitzgerald played by Cameron Diaz. Diaz is obstinate and totally unyielding when she has made her mind up. This role she plays here is not unlike the role she played in the amazing and possibly best sports movie of all time-Any Given Sunday.

The situation is complicated. The Family issues runs deep. Anna hires a lawyer because is tired of being put under the knife to support her dying sister. Sofia Vassilieva plays
Kate Fitzgerald who is suffering from an array of issues. One of them is leukemia. Is Anna being selfish or just looking out for her own health?

Baldwin is vocal proponent of leftist policies despite evidence they are ruining entire nations and CA is about to callapse because of them, he is probably a member of the pedophilia protectionist group called the ACLU in actuality. In this movie, I actually agree with his side, in this particular case. He takes up this case when Anna strides into his office and explains her case to him. She pays him a little over a $100 so it is not entirely pro bono. But I am sure he relishes the spotlight.

Sara is beyond adament. In one scene she has to be physically manhandled by her husband Brian Fitzgerald whose role is consumed by Speed II's Jason Patric. Jason and the entire world are informing Sara that her daughter is dying and perhaps does not even want to experience another operation which will mostly be a waste of time. According to Brian, Kate has informed or insinuated to Sara that she does not want persist in this manner. Her quality of life has been depleted, she has not attended school regularly for a long for instance.

The movie is narrated by every major character in this movie. This add some substance and allows the viewer to gain a feel for every character's perspective. Another way to convey understanding.

I enjoyed the musical score. It was not extensive, but some hip hop and even Regina Spector had a song played in this movie. She is an outstanding musician. Regina's music is in commercials and now here on the silver screen. I am happy for her. She does not seem to be the egotistical human being that Madonna is.

Sara just does not get it. Campbell is only person who is trying to inform Sara that she is on the wrong track. The case goes to the courtroom where Sara is screamed at by her son Jesse Fitzgerald played by CSI Miami 's Evan Ellingson. This is the culmination of the movie but Sara still can not accept the fact that her daughter's body is being ravaged by this disease that medical science does not have an answer for. No one is saying, and I am not saying that a mother should not care for her dying daughter or sick daughter, but there comes a point where one needs to let go.

Anna's point, and Campbell's as well is that Anna is not being looked out for and these operations, including bone marrow, could be debilitating towards her as well. This movie is not that exciting but does sprout some interesing ideas. It is original unlike so many other movies made. Sara understand her sister's point of view but does not have the guts to inform her mother that she does not want to fight any more. She should not have to. Her mother is failing and does fail in detecting this not so subtle hints. I mean, Kate illustrates her frame of thought during a heightened and pivotal family meeting at the dinner table one night. Sara never asked Anna if she wanted to go through these operations and procedures for her daughter. That is wrong but Sara completely flops when she continues to drive down the same road when so many forces are explaining to her, including the doctor, in a variety of ways, that she will lose one of her children.

Anna's medical history seems to suggest she was conceived to be chopped liver for her sister. Sara supported Anna's lawsuit since Sara did not have the courage to fight with her mother. The movie did have a funny scene when Campbell, in the courtroom, told his dog to shut up and called him Judge since that was his name. The actual judge was alarmed and called him out on this. Apparently, this dog had to be with Campbell since this wonderful dog was a service dog, he barked when Campbell was on the verge of an epileptic attack.

Diaz performed well, as did every character. Baldwin seems content in Hollywood without taking on any leading roles. The movie was mainly entertaining. There were some dull scenes. It was not that sad since I knew the daughter was going to die from the outset.

I allocate this movie three stars.***

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