Thursday, July 16, 2009


The disgusting clown Sacha Baron Cohen is back in another bizaare comedy. This time the movie is called Brüno. He should have completed another Borat film. Since Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was far superior than this one.

I am not sure where Cohen evolves from if he has evolved. The gay scenes in this movie are beyond over the top. It is caricature of the gay lifestyle and existence. I am not sure they are offended or what. This movie is not worth $1 and I am surprised if it extends passed the first weekend of its opening. There are some pathetic folks out there who would pay for this film but not enough to be considered a success. This movie does not warrant an extensive blog since it is devoid of any deep thought.

Cohen is a nasty fellow. The plot is this: he is gay and he wants to become world famous. He does not have any talent to speak of and he is wacked out of his mind. He asks for advice but when talking to people he acts so bizaare it is ridiculous.

The scene when he took the small black child onto the day time talk show was hysterical. That was hysterical. I thought one of the audience members was going to slam him to the ground for his treatment of that child.

Later in the film, he realizes that it could be easier for him to become famous if he was not gay. But he still acted gay with the military, some hunters, martial arts expert, among some other scenes.

How did he gain permission to spend some time at OCS in the army? That is hard to believe the military accepted that request.

This movie was absolutely pointless but inane or devious comedy depending on what one's perspective is. This movie is like a sick jackass. He did become famous at the end or infamous. This pertains to what one's views on homosexuality. In a cage fighting event, being gay is not the image that is promoted nor tolerated in an event such as this. But this is the movie's zenith, and it was sort of unexpected until they stopped fighting. The TV, hunting, and military scenes were funny, I have to admit. But this is a far cry from Borat.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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