Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Fake Fiance

This movie is about as predictable as they come. The title and the first 5 minutes unfolded the entire movie in front of me. Melissa Joan Hart is the main character who seems to enjoy or choose to attend weddings where she is disrespected and embarrassed to be there alone. Yet, she continues to give these weddings face time. Jennifer is her name and she is kind of cute. This movie copies some elements from a Ben Stiller movie called Along Came Polly-the uncomfortable wedding scene at the outset is one of them. So I can not even say it is that original. But it's plot is sort of unique and it is modestly entertaining.

Jennifer is having a tough time financially. She bought a home that she can barely afford and her moronic friend makes it quite easy for someone to steal her car by leaving the keys sitting in the ignition.

Joseph Lawrence is Jennifer's unhappy and reluctant partner. His name is Vince and he is a risk insurance agent like Stiller's character in Polly. He owes a local mob boss about $17000. Jay Leno's buddy Steve Schirripa plays The Monkey (as Steven R. Schirripa). He operates a small organized crime syndicate who employs his muscle men to intimidate Vince. The noose is tightening around his neck. Though this entire movie is comical.

Vince and Jennifer both have a mutual friend which is why they are both attending the elaborate and wasteful wedding in the opening scene. In the subsequent days, their respective lives were made worse under financial strain. Jennifer chooses to reach out to Vince and when they meet they discuss this elaborate scheme. The scheme is to execute a fake wedding to collect monetary donations and lucrative gifits to help them out of their predicaments.

The movie entails both of them lying to their parents and friends. It seems their problems only magnify in this light hearted comedy. It is amazing how Hollywood can make such a devious lie and plan appear reasonable.

As the tape reel rolls and Vince is shown wearing the tightest shirts available, him and Jennifer discover more about each other. Vince is taken in by her parents and Jennifer realizes Vince loves to play with children. Though I doubt a 12 year old boy is going to ask some strange man to tuck him in.

There is not one scene that is knockout hilarious. There is about 20 minutes that are quite slow and uneventful. This movie is devoid of memorable one liners or any spontaneous comedy. Vince does meet a gorgeous woman at the AA meeting he is compelled to attend. How anyone could lie to their family and friends like this is incredible. This type of ineptitude, selfishness, and deploration can not even be measured. The movie has a happy ending but the immorality of these two is horrendous. Though it is not as bad as Hollywood making a hero out of Billy the Kid in Young Guns I and II.

This movie does try to compensate for it's misdeeds by having the characters realize their intentions are despicable. They both make it right and Vince befriends his father who chose to not partake in the rearing of him as a child. The movie does pound good will and decency into us but the idea that two people could even consider this ignominous idea does not overcome the virtues the movie attempts to sell us. It is pure fantasy, they would rob a bank together far before they tried to design a sham wedding.

Despite this, it is still 5 times better than Nicolas Cage's Wicker Man.

I allocate this movie one star.**

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