Friday, March 6, 2009

Taking Chance

Kevin Bacon plays Lt. Col Mike Strobl who is active duty in the Marines but basically pushes a pen around. It does not seem like he has ever seen combat and he feels sort of guilty about this. He does say as much. This movie takes place probably in 2005-2006, at the height of the Iraqi conflict.

I thought this movie would have a little more excitement. This movie was void of that and I fast forwarded through this movie. The movie is about honor and someone who understands the strains of war but perhaps is a little too late for this person to volunteer to go to Iraq. He, Strobl has a family, two children and a place in the marines back on the home front.

Strobl volunteers to escort a younger enlisted marine back to his home town, Clifton, CO. Apparently it is where he is from. This is mainly used as a guise to convince his wife-and perhaps himself-that this is the main reason he volunteers for this duty. His sense of obligation I guess is not filled by being in the marines, he wants to a little more than type reports at a desk in the safety of the USA. He locates this fallen marine on a death list in the marine data storage. This movie follows every step of the way, the process of escorting the body of a fallen soldier from Iraq back to their hometown in the USA. Speaking to the family, meeting the friends, holding the funeral service, everything is included in this movie. This movie is not made for everyone.

This movie has some pleasant music and some beautiful shots of nature and the landscape of the heartland of the USA.

But I was hoping for a movie with some struggle and intensity. This movie did not have this cornerstone. The acting was pretty simplistic, perhaps Bacon had some inner drive or perhaps guilt that he holds and that is why he accepted this role. I doubt he needs the money despite losing some to Madoff.

Speaking of the sociopath and ponzi scheme chief Bernie Madoff, he should be executed for his misdeeds. But he will probably not and his days will pretty much be carefree since the USA coddles white collar criminals. Even ones who destroy so many lives and waste so much capital. Where is the leadership on this issue? That would be cool if Kevin Bacon, with his star status, takes this opportunity to DC and the already crumbling Obama administration and urges changes on how these pencil pushing killers are treated. Madoff has affected, and perhaps caused and will cause more anguish and yes, death, than a Jeffrey Daulmer or Ted Bundy.

This movied did not have any other recognizable face or name. Not much else to say.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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