Friday, March 20, 2009

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Ewan McGregor is a successful professional in London and he pursues a married woman. Though he does not know she is married until probably later on. Why is this married woman sitting alone in a bar smoking a cigarrette? The actress is played by Michelle Williams.

This is a low budget movie that occurs in the present day. It is pretty slow throughout the movie. Nothing worth while happens unless you just want to see and hear people talk until the attack. The attack occurs at a professional soccer match. The bombing kills Michelle William's husband and son. The terrible thing is, it occurs when she is screwing McGregor. They hear about it because the TV with the soccer game is on.

So both of these people are immoral, she more than him though. After the attack, she spends a lot of time trying to understand why this happens and how a being can committ such an act? It was done by a Muslim extremist group and they are planning more attacks. London and England has a serious problem of this occuring in real life because they allowed too many Pakistani immigrants into their country and now they have a real mess on their hands. There is one line in this movie that sums up the psychotic mentality of this radical muslim element as saying they are not even human.

This attack occurs at a professional soccer game. I hope this does not occur but it seems since the evil nutcases want to disrupt normal life and squash fun, this would be what they would do. Not only does it kill a lot of people, it messes up the sporting event and causes damage to an expensive stadium.

On the flip side, it only reminds the world how barbaric they are, it does not draw anyone with any sophistication to their side, just the ignorant and twisted. It helps their cause in only the most disturbed circles.

This movie is slow, pretty much dull, but does have some decent writing. I think it paints England and Europe with an accurate but hurtful brush. In the war on terror, Europe is taking a back row seat to America. This is sort of reminiscent to what occured in the 1930's when they allowed Nazi Germany to rise and cause the worst devastation in human history. The greatest war the world has ever seen. England did help us some in Iraq, good for them. But for the most part, the Europeans are not being hard enough on Iran, talk is cheap. They kow tow to Russia, they do not any fighting in Afghanistan. Atleast not enough to be considered tough or meaningful. When the USA takes the fight to the radical losers, we are criticized by the folks across the pond. Europeans, in all their glory, tell us to shut down Guantanomo but do not want to take any of these nasty folks into their prisons. Guantanomo is an ideal place for these sick people who are willing to kill themselves for their distorted beliefs of the Koran.

After this attack, William's character has a weak relationship with a London terrorist police officer. Jasper Black is McGregor's character and he is pretty resourceful. He figures out that the police new the terrorist was at the match and was likely going to kill people. But they did not act, and this detective was forced to admit this to Williams. He did not want to. He and his agency did not want anyone to know this. They were tracking this terrorist cell. They did not want to arrest this foolish Muslim because then that would force them to reveal their cards. So, they let this attack occur for future arrests. Knowing her child could have been saved, she unleashed anger at this detective. He is upset at this, and confronts Black on this. Not much happens there.

Black and William's character have a child together. Williams also narrates throughout the movie. This movie is unexciting and that says a lot about the music chosen. The ending is crawling and gradual, akin to the beginning.

I give this movie one star.*

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