Monday, March 23, 2009

The Last House on the Left

This is not a childs or family movie. It is not really a movie for anyone. I can not say it was enjoyable nor realistic. I do think this stuff really happens. There are some psycho, but a psychotic family or group that live together and coordinate these activities that do not make economic sense. There are some degenerates in places like Rio Linda or the Bronx. But this type of evil and maliciousness, I doubt it.

Garret Dillahunt is not a recognizable name but his face is. He has been in No Country for Old Men and is Kromartie in the remarkable Terminator TV series.

The pretty Monica Potter also stars in this movie. No one else in this movie is worth mentioning. This family's dad died and apparently the house is paid off and the kids just become complete sociopaths and terrible human beings. It seems there is a little envy that they did not have a good childhood. Whatever. They need to take a trip to the Sudan and find out how good they have it. They believe other Americans are spoiled, but how about them?

They kill police officers, among other people. They kill two teenage girls after mutilating one of them and raping the other. These girls, atleast one of them, make the Natalie Holloway mistake and decide to hang out with a loser. Well, it just one guy, Natalie was all by her lonesome and decided to go out on a darkened night with three strange guys. What happened after that has not been revealed, regarding the Aruba incident.

Potter plays Emma Collingwood who is the mother of the girl who is raped and shot. But, miraculously this girl survives and actually stumbles home. The father performs some crude surgery on her to remove the bullet and fragments. Emma notices her daughters ring is missing. The sick family who committed this heinous act and the ones before this stop their home. Emma notices this ring on one of the boys who is in her home. This nasty family stops in for the night because it is rainy and storming outside. They have the audacity to stay at the parents home of the daughter they raped and shot.

This movie is action packed. Many brutal fights. Not sure why Emma and her husband do not call 911, perhaps the service is out. Whatever. They kill one of the evil brothers in a loud and nasty scene in the kitchen while his hand is grinded up via the garbage disposal. His older brother and his sick girlfriend/sister are sleeping together and do not even hear anything. They are just sound asleep. The home is large but not that big.

Emma and her husband kill the family. The younger brother actually clears his mind, grows a concious but his oldest brother, the leader of this psycho misfits, kills him with a knife. The oldest brother, Kromartie, receives his just desserts. The father wheels in the microwave, with the door open, puts his head into the microwave and sets it for 2 minutes. His head explodes. That is the how the movie ends.

The movie is entertaining but pointless. Sick on the basis of depravity. The foundation of this film is perverted. Weak music but suitable script. Glad I did not pay for it.

I allocate this movie one star.*

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