Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Land of the Lost

In this latest Will Ferrell incarnation, he fights and befriends dinosaurs and much more. The movie is not boring but the plot is so weak it is even more ridiculous than Harry Potter. Harry Potter's special effects are mesmerizing and certainly a massive dose of eye candy. This movie was based off a show that was on in the 1980's on Saturday morning. I probably did not watch it because it was pointless. The lizard people were so bizaare and fake, it was like a Holloween costume party. The costumes cost about $75 a piece, I am not sure of the intent of this movie. Hangover is 10 times the movie this is. This movie actually has negative value.

Dr. Rick Marshall is Ferrell's characters name. That is correct, he is a doctor which is already pretty outlandish with that frame of thought. Anna Friel was the pretty face in this movie. Which is not saying much since this movie was devoid of attractive females until the final scene. Holly Cantrell becomes the love interest of Marshall which is predictable. She is not really that appealing, I do not see the reason she won this role at all.

Danny McBride becomes Ferrell's sidekick in this movie. He does his job as Will Stanton who is a loser living in the middle of desert hawking dud firecrackers and who has a makeshift cave water ride. Marshall is a washed up scientist who has a theory that a parallel universe exists. The science in this movie is nothing that stimulates the mind like Star Trek. It is absurd and there is only about two real sentences describing Marshall's belief. Marshall finishes his electronic device with the inpiration from Cantrell. Marshall is ostracized from mainstream science for sharing his bizaare beliefs and attempting to promote them. So he resorts to teaching elementary science to make ends meat. This is perhaps the first real job he has ever had.

Cantrell appears out of no where since she confirms Marshall's theory when she finds a dinosaur imprint near a cigarette lighter imprint. They both are of the same time/era-something like that. Marshall busts his hump all night and completes his fantastical creation. Cantrell and Marshall go out to this location and they meet crazy boy Stanton. During his cave aquatic tour they are sucked into another dimension. They confront and run from a tyranosaurus rex. They run around the desert and in and out of a jungle. They are surrrounded by a velociraptors but are not attacked. Preposterous. The velociraptors were busy attacking an ice cream truck which appeared out of no where with the ice cream vendor. And he had white skin. Whatever.

The trio meat and save Jorma Taccone who is Cha-Ka from being killed by one of his own. He is a caveman who has a clear face but the rest of his body is fully covered with hair. Laughable. Cha-Ka betrays them at the end with the lizard race but the trio seem to over look this.

Marshall and Stanton grubbed on a giant lobster with Cha-Ka. This was mouth water. They had a giant lemon as well, that would be wonderful. Too bad they ended up performing some strange acts, or what appeared to be, with Cha-Ka. Cha-Ka gave Stanton and Marshall a natural hallucinogenic which led to these unmentionable acts. The movie is zany which very little suspense. Fellell was the right choice for this movie but I am not sure why a better script could not have been concocted.

This movie had some weak music. There were some funny scenes, most of them in the beginning. Stanton had the final laugh since he chose to remain back in this centerpoint universe because he was a loser in reality, why not give it a shot? I call it a centerpoint village since apparently everything from earth's past, or anything, can end up here. A viking boat is the first thing they come across for instance. He made the correct decision. Him and Cha-Ka become tight friends on their journey back to Cha-Ka's desert village. Upon arrival, about 6 gorgeous, half naked woman approach Stanton to spread the welcoming committee. He hit the jackpot.

Ferrell has a funny scene when a giant mosquito is just sucking his blood out of him. His loyal friends just sit their motionless. Anyone who loses that much blood would have to be put on life support and require a huge blood infusion. Oh well, the movie progresses.

Ferrell wins the t-rex's support at the end and this massive beast kills about 100 lizard men. Then Ferrell squares off with some sinister lizard man bent on destroying the earth. He overcomes this challenge is not really revealed. I guess it is because Stanton puts the Hitler like lizard in a choke hold. This movie was made for 10 year olds. Glad I saw it for free.

This movie is still better than Wicker Man. Ferrell did make me laugh several times. But this movie is a far cry from Taladega Nights. I am not sure who the developers of the show were. They must have signed off on this picture. If they were the designers of this terrible film, they get what they deserve. I am sure this will be a failure. Ben Stiller has this one beat but Hangover devastates both of these. Hangover is probably the best comedy in 2009.

I allocate this garbage movie one star.*

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