Saturday, June 6, 2009


This is a documentary on our gorgeous planet. This movie is not dispelling the belief that humans are at fault. Human beings are challenging the environment. But should human beings stop progress and drive around lawn mowers that are marketed to us as actual cars? Why can we not have fun on our jet skis and ATV's? We only live once. Environmentalists should stop having children and perhaps we would be better off.

Perhaps we should allow a disease like the swine flu to thrive for a few years to thin us out?

The earth is wonderful but is man the cause for higher temperatures? This has not been proven and Al Gore should read Michael Crichton's excellent book title State of Fear. The earth's temperature has fluctuated for millions of years but now the wacky environmentalists want to impose their beliefs onto us. They want us to drink their kool aid and to stop having fun-limit our living of life. I am not sure why hybrid vehicles can not look gorgeous and bad ass like some of their gas guzzling counterparts. That is one of their mistakes. Environmentalists who act like automobile engineers should make a electric hybrid resembling a 67 Ford Mustang. That is one solution to make it easier for people to make the transition to more environmentally friendly vehicles.

As long as those vehicles do not run on ethanol. Does anyone still believe, who is not a foolish and selfish Iowan corn farmer, that corn based ethanol should be used to fuel automobiles? I hope not. We should be running cars on sugar based ethanol but the farm lobby will not allow us to buy sugar from Brazil. They toss a tarriff on Brazilian sugar which artificially augments the price. This is not right. Where is Obama on this one?

Why should we alter their lives for faulty science? Should every human drive a hummer? No, but power can save lives. What happens if someone needs four wheel drive to get somewhere they have to go and the surface is unpaved? What happens if someone needs to get up hill or across the city in a short amount of time? They need some power that perhaps a electric vehicle can not provide.

Why do environmentalists meet us half way with natural gas? The US has abundant reserves of this liquid. If the Obama administration allowed the private sector to drill for this element on federal land, thousands of high paying positions could be created in a few months. Tens of thousans in a few years. It would keep more American money in America. But this would make too much sense for our malignant politicians and naive plebians.

There are some elaborate plans that I have seen on Discovery channel to create enery using green methods. I am all for this. A farm in a high rise building in the middle of the city-outstanding. The US should build win mills, T. Boone Pickens is right. He believes we should be building energy infrastuctures across a variety of formats. The French do one thing right, they receive 80% of their power from nuclear power plants. Why can we not? Because our environmentalists are too stupid and diabolical to allow this to occur. Obama has passed cap and trade which the left loves. This only increase energy costs for Americans which drives up the cost of living. Reducing spending and saving power which leads to other issues. America voted for Obama though and they will reap what they sew. They/We already are and have.

Nevada receives about 335 days of sunlight. Why are solar panels not littered all over that state that is not being used by the US Airforce? Because environmentalists are worried about some plant or bug that may or may not be affected. Beyond idiotic. There is no winning with them. Conclusion, environmentalists are the innate problem, all the way to the core.

This is not really a movie but a documentary.

I offer it one star for being disengenous. It should be zero stars but it provided some pretty scenery.*

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