Thursday, December 10, 2009

Harry Brown

This is anoth revenge movie but it is one of the better ones. It is better than Jodie Foster's revenge movie that was made a couple of years ago. Kevin Bacon had one around the same time, they are so easy to make. They attract people since there is so many despicable people that have no regard for the human life. They need to be executed. What is more peculiar to me is how many people vote liberal and allow this villians to reign supreme over districts and provinces around the globe. Pretty pathetic that is for sure.

Michael Caine stars in this movie. He is the hero, he is the one we look to to take us out of this temporarily hell. Harry Brown is the character's name of this person who decides the law works too slow or does not work at law. In this poor ghetto, one of many in London I am sure, someone needs to do something. I sometimes think that our laws help the criminal class as much as they do the law abiding folks. The barriers that the laws enacted in the western world sometimes seem to protect the very people they are supposed to punish.

Harry is a retired man who is in his last few years. He is a man of peace and decency. But like many people in the major cities around the world, he sees society slipping. He sees decay and witnesses an absense of heroes. He killed for his country in a professional manner once before. Now he decides to volunteer his efforts. He is not a man of uniform any more, but the outcome is the same. Evil is eliminated and knocked back. The criminals are not afraid of the empty threats that police point at them, since they know they can not stick and the police are as handi capped by the exact laws that are supposed to protect the innocent.

Harry has one friend that keeps him marching on. But his friend is having trouble with the violent youths in their apartment filled neighborhoods. Neither of them can walk where they want to walk because of the chance of a physical assault. Where is the justice in this? But many people vote liberal, and this is the result. I doubt Harry Brown votes liberal though. So another conservative is here to save the life of the liberals who surrounds him.

His friend's life is taken in a pedestrian underpass by some of these violent and mercurial brigands. Harry Brown is relayed this information by an area detective named Frampton. Emily Mortimer handles this role with ease. She is a public servant and does what she can in this chaotic and unforgiving world where like my dad likes to say, technology changes but people remain the same. Frampton is trying to dig up some proof on these hooligans but Harry Brown has little faith in that from happening.

Harry Brown decides to buy a gun. But unlike America, where one can buy a gun in a civil and reasonable setting, in London, where guns are outlawed for those who obey the law, one has to buy a weapon from the criminal underclass who give them a reason to buy the gun in the first place. Brown buys this weapon from one of the scariest racketeer I have seen in a movie in a while. He is scarred up, it seems like he has been in a hundred knife fights. He and his loser assistant have their marijuana crops growing under incandescent lights. They seem to be making their own porn video with any female they can entice into their disgusting residence. Once the female is inside this horrendous lair, she is drugged up and raped for days on end. These two are a real piece of work. But Harry takes care of both of them, he should be given a medal for this. But the leftist in London would probably lock him more than they would the criminals who are tearing at society's underbelly. One can not blame them, we are soft targets. Easy prey for these apathetic souls.

Harry saves this girl, takes the loot and the weapons. He drops the girl off at the area hospital. Frampton and her assistant are alerted. Frampton is moved by this move. This girl's life is saved a wad of cash to pay for her medical treatment is left with her. Courtesy of Harry.

The man who just wanted peace stokes violence. Harry's agenda and targeting of these pilllagers creates a maelstrom. The police want to charge into the neighborhood and round of these thugs. Frampton suspects Harry is behind this. But her police leutenants and partner do not want to hear this. When her partner agrees with her, he sides with Harry. Harry is eradicating the scum of the earth. He should be encouraged. That is this movie's message. Someone is needed. Where is our white knight? It certainly is not Obama. Obama is a liberal, he has only allowed these thugs to prevail. Where is our Robin Hood? We do not someone stealing for us, we need someone taking names and asking questions later.

The police barnstorm the area and have molotov cocktails thrown at them. Why they are not shooting actual rounds is beyond me. Why would one even be a police officer in a society that allows their uniformed police to be treated like this? It boggles the mind. These morons are only trashing their own neighborhoods while the the few good souls are held in check, held at bay. What can they do? Only the hoodlums have guns. What a wonderful place to be. Hard to believe some Americans envy this society. Oh yeah, they want to take out the gun manufacturers. Only in Sean Penn's fantasy land would that work.

Frampton's partner agrees to investigate this. Perhaps he is just bored. Frampton's superiors do not think too highly of her. Perhaps she asks too many good questions or perhaps her soft approach is not desired. I know this, her intolerance of Harry Brown is unnerving. Her by the book approach has only allowed neighborhoods across the horizon to be held hostage by the criminal order.

While driving into this ruckus, they collide with another car. Harry carries them both practically into his local pub. He thinks it is safe there. He is about to realize he is in the devil's lair. Frampton informs him that the main gangster's uncle is the owner of this establishment. Harry's main buddy. His long time steward. It seems he is the patriarch of these young hoodlums. He is housing this thug in his basement. He ends up killing Frampton's partner. While this young animal goes to work on Frampton, Harry has one gun left, strapped to his ankle. He shoots this punk in the neck, a fatal shot. The bartender is about to murder Harry but snipers devastate him. Good riddance.

When Frampton is being choked to death by this young player, young assasin, a whirlwind of atrocities, I wonder if she realized Harry was right and his mission was just and her orderly ways were not up to par? Did she become a conservative in her hear at that seminal moment?

The final scene of this movie is Harry walking down the usual route and he can freely walk down this pedestrian underpass without a fear of being physically acosted and verbally abused. Ahhh, what a thought. Where are you at Nanci Pilosi?

I allocate this movie 4 stars.****

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