Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is one guy who needs to take his meds. Another guy who should not be driving a car. Former fighter pilot in the cool movie Stealth Josh Lucas stars as Terry. Terry must have been having heart issues since he receives a heart from a dying murder victim. Why Terry needed a new heart is not explained. But things change dramatically for Terry.

Terry's heart seeks revenge. Apparently it pops some images in head and begins to pulpitate rapidly whenever he is around the murder suspects. How does he know who the murder suspects are? Well, the first guy is an ambulance driver who is the first one to trigger this unusual heart tremors. Since Terry is a frequent guest to the hospital he strikes a chance to view his medical forms. He sees the name of the ambulance driver and seeks him out. He does not want fight him, he does not know this person was involved in a home invasion and a murder of an innocent couple. But this ambulance driver goes ballistic. Terry finds him taking a cigarette break in the alley behind the hospital. This man does not like meeting strangers and is certainly not very civil. He breaks a bottle and prepares to attack or defend himself against Terry. He charges Terry but somehow Terry is able to thwart the charge and turn the sharp glass right back against the ambulance driver. One down.

Terry has a daughter who has a debilitating condition. This is how he is able to meet Sarah Connor. Lena Headey is an English doctor named Elizabeth. She is appealing with a successful career but has managed to remain available. She seems to have waiting for Terry to ask her out. He can not even finish the question before she accepts. As their relationship builds, Terry has a dark secret to contain. His heart wants revenge.

The Glimmer Man and The Bourne Supremecy's Brian Cox is relevant here. He is Detective Van Doren who knows all about this murder case. This was not a normal home invasion gone wrong. But which one's are? This was made to look that way but it was really a body organ robbery. They wanted these people's organs but how they profit from this or walk away with the organs is not really explained.

Terry kills two more suspects, with two remaining. But the 3rd victim was the administrator in this sick scheme. But he was the bait, the two remaining suspects, one who is the doctor in this immoral group, watches Terry kill this man. Now they know who Terry is since he must have followed him home after Terry shot this man. Van Doren wants this case solved and knows there is not enough evidence to convict these iniquitous fellows. He gives Terry the gun and some rounds since Terry's second kill was ugly. He is able to track them down since his newly minted heart beats hysterically whenever he is around one of these suspects. It turns out there is five of them. But the final two are going to track down Terry. Atleast he will save some gas money.

The ending is pretty brutal with Terry being slowly taken apart in his bathtub covered in ice. But Van Doren saves the day with Terry regaining his strength. This scene is pretty ridiculous because this psychotic Dr. Giggle's like doctor drains the blood out of one of Terry's leg's veins. But when Terry runs down the hallway after Van Dorn shoots the henchman, the doctor stabs Van Doren in the neck with poison. Terry's heart is pretty much invinciple. One miracle has already been confirmed since this new heart changed his blood type and totally took over his bone marrow. Apparently this is the second time this has occured. Wow.

Did Van Doren make it? I am not sure, Terry could have called 9-11 after he untied Elizabeth. She is a doctor, perhaps there is a quick remedy for the sodium potassium that was injected into him. I am not sure and I am pretty sure that is what this malevolent doctor injected into Terry's heart and Van Doren's neck.

Terry and Elizabeth survive. Elizabeth has been wanting to take over the maternal role of the family. It seems like she is hired for this role at the end after they agree to not hide any secrets. But then she admits she is the one who paid for his heart transplant. He soon realizes she bankrolled that heart heist. She caused two people to be brutally murdered to save his life. He knows his life was not worth this, in addition to the carnage that has ensued. The final sound of this movie is his heart making one loud pumping sound. The job is not over, Elizabeth becomes a marked woman.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

This movie raises some powerful questions. If one hosts someone else's heart, can this affect their emotions and character makeup? What happens when brain's are transplanted? That will be an alarming subject.

Hollywood must be having a difficult time, they are not exempt to the Barnie Frank caused carnage. This movie was less than 90 minutes. I have been noticing that movies have been shrinking in length. Gone are the days when movies were two hours like the action thriller Con Air. This is not unlike when Doritoes stock store shelves with bags of chips that are the same size but with less delicious Cool Ranch chips inside.

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