Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sorority Row

This movie was full of young beauties but this does not compensate for having a weak plot. It does depict being in a sorority is a vast distraction from studying and concentrating on the realities of the future. Future success is tenuous, what does being part of a sorority do for one? Perhaps it allows one to make some first class contacts while being an undergrad. Or perhaps it gives ample opportunity for illegitimate pregnancy and embarrasing behavior which will follow someone around for decades.

The characters in this movie are almost all devoid of reason, they are shallow. Not one of them dominates any scenes so there is very little reason to name any of them.

The movie begins with a group of sorority girls who team up to lay a steep prank on one of their brothers. One of their actual brothers, I am not sure if he attends the school. It seems he is an outsider, he probably has a nearby labor job. Either way, he is a murderer and should have been given the death penalty for his first degree homicide. His sister, seems to be the charismatic leader of these hot females and who leads her so called friends down a dark path. The brother is one of the boyfriend's of these girls and was not loyal. So his sister decided to play a trick on him. She snuck the girl, during another outlandish party, a pill that induces vomiting. She took this pill to vomit during some foreplay with the brother. The brother freaks out and since the sisters were watching on a covert camera in an adjacent room, they run over and act surprised. Somehow, they take the supposed severly sick sister to the hospital. But they divert to an abandon mine.

The next scene is even more bizaare. The brother turns into a lunatic and stabs the acting sick sister in her chest, his supposed girlfriend. He stabs her with, it seems to be a manual egg or food mixer. It punctures her chest cavity, the sisters try to save her to no avail. There was not any phone service, but I doubt that would have helped any how. The girl was maimed fatally. The girls should have called the police and laid everything clean but the shot caller sister protects her deviant brother, two others do not want to go to prison, one is just too appalled to decide definitively.

The rest of the movie is a copy of the world class beauty Jennifer Love Hewitt's I Know What You Did Last Summer. Someone or something is targeting the unprecious, empty, and superficial girls. Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? An unethical doctor is erased, but is running a brother, not a health clinic.

Watching this movie is proof why this country is in massive debt and the US educational system needs an overhall, along with Medicaid. Medicaid is eating us alive and US colleges allowing this ridiculous behavior is a largely attributable to the US not having its priorities straight.

The movie's soundtrack is halfway decent. There is a small subplot where the leading sister is on the verge to be engaged to the son of a Senator. This Senator has a strong chance to be chosen to be the vice president. Oooooh.... So he wants his son to not be tied to any female with a shaky and stirring background. This Senator has an uncanny resemblance to the current big government promoter and anti American VP Joe Biden.

The variable brother is killed deep in the movie by his sister. Good riddance.

The dishonest sisters return to the mine shaft and Megan's body is no where to be found. One of the sisters, Cassidy, was in Step Up 2: The Streets and probably the only one in this degenerate film with any real natural talent, she has outstanding dancing ability, chose to be lowered down to the bottom of this mine shaft. Yeah right. How Cassidy is lifted back up is not shown? The chain broke when she was being lowered into the dark man made hole. How would the chain broke when it is only holding up 110 pounds is uncertain.

The sister that was killed in the beginning is Megan. So this movie is akin to The Grudge as well. Megan's spirit could be the one who is tapping off her former sisters. This does not make alot of sense since she was in on the joke, ofcourse it was not a joke when she was stabbed. I am sure Megan would react the same way as any of these unprincipled sisters. It seems one must be licentious to become a member of this soriority. Ofcourse looks matter as well but looks usually do.

All the garbage boyfriends pop out in the end. Who is the real killer? This is a copy cat film but pretends to be original.

I allocate this movie one star.*

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